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Sculpture '"Moody Calm", 16.5"Long x 10.5"Wide x 3.5"High

Close-up of '"The Company of Others", from The Outtakes

Close-up of "Chasing Chaos", from The Outtakes


Autumn 2023 exhibition

Bale Creek Allen Gallery

September 2 - October 31, 2023

Gallery open to the public for Fall Gallery Night. Everyone welcome, Saturday September 9, from Noon-9:00pm.

The gallery is open by appointment only. Please text or call 512-633-0545 to arrange viewing.

120 St. Louis Ave, Suite 149, Fort Worth, Tx. 76104

Tel. 512-663-0545



Summer exhibition 2023

Come meet Sandy Skoglund at the gallery Saturday September 9, 2-4 pm

Janet Borden Inc Gallery

June 8 - Selptember 30, 2023

91 Water Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

Tel. 212-431-0166

excerpt from The Outtakes catalog by Silvana Editoriale:

"Everyone has outtakes. They are the things you leave behind when you have to make choices. They might be old clothes, old habits, anything discarded or rejected. My outtakes usually get banished to the trash, but they also hide out of sight in storage. In March 2020 the Pandemic came hard and fast. Everything was normal until, well, it wasn't. The stress of future deadlines was cancelled. The world was postponed indefinitely. In quarantine there was time ... unstructured days and weeks... time to straighten up the studio. Waiting to be organized were countless yellow boxes of Kodak, notes going back to the 70's, processing instructions for photo labs now extinct. Transparencies of sheet film not touched for 20, 30 years. There were rejects, mistakes at the time. Somehow I had new eyes, and it felt as if what was wrong might now be right. In photography, every shot is a chance, an unsolved mystery until the frozen image is secure. Occasionally, the camera moved accidentally, showing new details along the edge of the frame. The differences and similarities were startling, outtakes and final edited choices, moving between ambiguity and clarity, searching for answers in the minefield of doubt."

Close-up of '"The Wild Inside", from The Outtakes

Close-up of "Wishes and Whispers", from The Outtakes

Selected Exhibitions:

A Decade of Color Photography, 1976-1986,
Summer group show, June 24, - Sept. 19, 2021 in Aurillac, France, Museum of Art and Archeology. Exhibition includes "Germs Are Everywhere" from their collection.

McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas
LIMITLESS! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art: group show with installations of WINTER and THE COCKTAIL PARTY Feb 25, - Sept. 19, 2021

Paci Contemporary Gallery, Brescia, Italy

WINTER: installation, photograph, and sculptures May 10 - Sept 30, 2019

Gallery Website

Ryan Lee Gallery, New York

WINTER: recent installation, photograph, and sculptures Jan. 9 - Mar. 7, 2021

Gallery Website Images ________ Press release pdf

FOOD STILL LIFE SERIES: July 12 - Aug. 11, 2017

Gallery Website Images ________ Download Press release pdf

HANGERS: window installation and performance, Oct. 29 - Dec. 23, 2015

See NY Times Article ________ Download Times Article pdf

TRUE FICTION TWO: photographs (Link to Slade article)

Interview with Sandy Skoglund __ From the PBS 13 part television series:
Art Through Time: A Global View - Part 2 Dreams and Visions

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