FRESH HYBRID, ©2008 Sandy Skoglund
color photograph; Limited edition available in 3 different sizes:
57"H x 87.4"L or 48"H x 73.6"L or 38"H x 58.3"L
approx. image areas
Fresh Hybrid is an installation and photograph that explores the shifting boundaries between life and lifelike
by fabricating an artificial landscape. Replacing blades of grass with pipecleaners and bark with wool fibers, the
materials strive to transform nature into a cornucopia of human pleasure with ubiquitous soft and fluffy surfaces.
As if on a spring day, the sculpted hybrid trees blossom with impossible bounty and cheer in the form of chenille
chicks, mass-produced lucky charms that give us a fragile and unsettling glimpse into an imaginary lost innocence.